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This 3-minute online test shows you the right foods, exercises and lifestyle to reveal your ideal body and maximise your life potential, totally FREE!

Scientists have discovered that each of us has a unique code that lies deep inside our body, in-built into our DNA. It’s what is being called our Personal HealthCode™. Your Personal HealthCode™ is 100% unique to you. It’s actually a fancy name for your biological source code that connects with your genes, influences your organ function, determines your hormone levels and emotions, and even communicates with your mind.   Because there are 7.5 billion people on the planet, there are many of us with similar (yet unique) features and functions, and because each Personal HealthCode™ falls into 1 of 6 regions on a chart, then we can collectively refer to people sharing similar biology and physiology as sharing a similar HealthType™.

ph360 is the world’s first personalised health platform based on epigenetics. It uses 10,000 data points and 500 ratios to analyse your genetic expression so that it can tell you exactly how to use factors in your everyday life to get and stay healthy. The algorithm has been in the making for the past 16 years and uses a base of 15 different sciences to calculate your Personal Health Code. We’re seeing people lose weight and keep it off when they’ve never been able to before, be rid of digestive issues, and even the reversal of diabetes symptoms and chronic pain. All simply from finding out that Personal Health Code that is already inside your body and putting it into practice.

The member base is constantly growing as ph360 and Shae are being used in 120 countries worldwide.

The ph360 powerhouse algorithm has been in continuous development for over 15 years through the collaboration of an international team of medical doctors, science researchers, health practitioners, and software programmers.

Your phenotype is the way your genes look in action—it’s who you are when you look in the mirror. The color of your hair, texture of your skin, the length of your bones, your height. Your phenotype is affected by what scientists call epigenetics (things outside of your genes). Epigenetic factors describe elements that influence the expression of your genes from the outside, such as the environment in which you grew up and the unique stressors you experience. These epigenetic factors can actually change the way your genes express themselves, altering your phenotype—and your resulting Personal Health Code.

ph360 considers the expression of certain genes through the measurement and analysis of specific physical features. These features are measured in terms of shape, length, body mass index, and many other proven ratios. While a genetic analysis may indicate predispositions for disease, a phenotypic analysis measures real ratios and current health indicators. This insight gives ph360 a snapshot of your current gene expression and your state of health, allowing the program to generate precision, personalized lifestyle insights to help you reach your lifestyle goals.

All you need in order to use ph360 is a personal computer, tablet or smartphone, access to the Internet, your current body weight and a soft measuring tape.

ph360 is sensitive to every input so please take your time – the more accurate you are, the more accurate your results will be. For even greater accuracy, ph360 uses a smart platform, allowing for a margin of error in your measurements, and will even notify you of this and ask you to confirm or correct your results if you put in a measurement that is far beyond the range of what is considered normal in your demographic.

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