Use the links on this page to help market to your clients and direct them to targeted ph360™ and Shae™ services.

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Simply insert your Clickbank NICKNAME into the links below to direct your list to a targeted sales page or product.

For example, John wants to tell his customers about the HealthTypeTest. John’s Clickbank NICKNAME is Johnnie5.

John copies the hoplink to the HeathType Test below and inserts his NICKNAME into the url as follows:

John then sends an email with this link to his customers and also adds a button to his website the directs them to the page.

Watch the quick video below to test that your hoplink is working correctly.

Visit the HealthType Test

The HTT is a simplified, fun introduction to Personalized Health, concentrating on the HealthTypes. The 3-minute fun test gives a free report and an upsell sequence to upgrade to a  $19 monthly ph360™ and Shae™ membership.

The ph360™ Site


Website: Coming Soon

Hoplink: Coming Soon

The homepage for Shae™, your Virtual Health Assistant app features all the bells and whistles of the app itself with minimal attention to the purpose or overarching goals of the company.